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Arman Sanat Rafsanjan Power and Communication Company is the first specialized manufacturer of new generation fiber optic cables and passive equipment in Iran, which uses the latest knowledge in the world, the most advanced technology and production equipment, the latest design methods and production process. , Has started its products in the field of new generation of fiber optic cables with a production capacity of 30,000 km and 1,000,000 types of fiber optic interfaces per year.
This complex has a permanent product stand at the opening site of Tanoma (Iran Telecommunication Optical Tar) and has been an official member of the first specialized workshop of fiber optic networks and is currently the main arm of Iran Telecommunication Company in the field of FTTH project  Is also active

Knowledge of the production process, raw materials and machinery of production lines is obtained only through study, research and testing. Therefore, this production line is the first manufacturer of the new generation of fiber optic cable and is known as a specialized reference.

Pioneer in FTTH Iran project and leader in Tanoma field

- Presence of Arman Sanat Production Complex as one of the reference and specialized companies and also as one of the main speakers of the first specialized fiber optic workshop

-Presence as the main supplier in the opening of Tanoma (optical fiber of Iran Telecommunication)

This unit designs and produces a new product according to the information it receives from the market level and based on its capabilities in the field of production as well as international and domestic standards, and serves as a think tank to monitor the market and predict needs. Customers are formed.

The production of a wide range of new generation products in the field of fiber optics is based on what has been proposed in the strategic planning of this production complex, as well as the goal of producing a new product every six months (based on customer needs and requests). Has maintained in recent years.

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Launching the production line of fiber optic interfaces

Considering that this production complex is always looking to expand the product portfolio in the field of passive and active fiber optic equipment, it has launched a production line of various fiber optic interfaces (Pigtail and PatchCord) with an annual production capacity of one million fiber optic interfaces Is.

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2 Oct 2021